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Booking Terms & Conditions 

Entry to KIDZ#1 is subject to acceptance of these terms & conditions. 

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before buying a pass(es) to KIDZ#1 (“pass(es)”). By buying a pass and/or a gift voucher, online or at the venue, you and your group agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.


1. All children must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times

2. No outside food or drink is permitted

3. Please wear our complimentary shoe covers or your socks when inside the venue, socks can be purchased for £1

4. We are not permitted to allow prams or buggies inside the venue as it is a fire safety risk


When pre-booking your visit online you will need to choose the date, session time and make a full payment. We advise that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your play session so that the children do not miss any playtime. 

The price of a Pass includes admission to KIDZ#1 SoftPlay (VR Zone, 7D cinema are subject to additional charge). One Pass entitles 1 child and 1 accompanying adult to enter for a maximum period of up to two full hours subject to our closing times. A Pass must be used by the same persons during its period of validity up until the final hour before closing on its scheduled day. The pass will not be extended or reissued if you are late.

Entrance to the venue is limited by its capacity. Please note that pre-booked passes will have priority over walk-in customers. Make sure to pre-book your visit online to ensure admission! 

Due to high demand, peak prices apply when there are school closures - this includes but is not limited to: inset and polling days, school holidays and bank holidays.

Children who are under 8 months old can receive a complimentary pass for a 2-hour visit to the venue if they are accompanied by their siblings. For every sibling above the age of 8 months, a free pass for a child under 8 months will be granted. We regret to inform you that a child under 8 months of age attending the venue without any siblings will not be eligible for a complimentary 2-hour pass.

The Sibling Discount is an exclusive offer provided by KIDZ#1 to customers who have multiple children attending our facility. Note that the Sibling Discount can only be applied on site. Please read the following rules and guidelines regarding the Sibling Discount:

  1. Sibling discount is set at 15% off the regular price.
  2. The Sibling Discount can only be applied when a customer wants to purchase passes, and the children assigned to these passes are siblings.
  3. The Sibling Discount is applicable to one pass only. This means that only one child will receive the discounted rate, regardless of the number of siblings. The discount does not apply to any add-ons or additional services.
  4. The Sibling Discount applies to the pass with the lowest price.
  5. The Sibling Discount is applicable during off-peak periods only.
  6. Off-peak periods are defined as specific times designated by KIDZ#1 Children's Centre management. Please refer to our website or contact our staff for further information on off-peak periods.

Please note that the Sibling Discount cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts unless explicitly stated by KIDZ#1. KIDZ#1 reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Sibling Discount program at any time without prior notice. By utilizing the Sibling Discount, customers agree to abide by these rules and regulations set forth by KIDZ#1 Children's Centre.


Contactless Payments 

We are a cashless venue. We do not accept cash under any circumstances. Contactless payments are mandatory for our business to ensure the health and safety of our staff. Please make sure that you have a valid method of payment to be able to buy your pass(es).

QR codes (late fees)

All customers will receive a QR code ticket on arrival. This enables you to scan in and out of the venue within your designated time slot. Late leavers will incur a late fee of £5 per 5 minutes. There is also a £10 fee for those who have lost or misplaced their ticket. Please note that there is a 5 minutes grace period.

Opening Hours 

Please see our website for up to date information on our opening hours.

KIDZ#1’s opening hours are subject to change without prior notice.

Food may be ordered by visitors at the cafe anytime up to 30 minutes before closing. We will remind you during your visit but we rely on your prior knowledge to plan your stay with us.

Opening Hours 

Your play session time will start from the time you are checked into our venue. From that point, your visit will last for 2 hours or until our closing time (6.30pm), whichever happens first. If you access our venue less than 2 hours before our closing time, KIDZ#1 will not and are not required to offer you the two full hours of play. We require our customers to leave our premises before the end of their timeslot. Any late leavers will be subject to an additional fee of £5 per child for every 10 minutes past the end of their time slot. If the venue is not full to its capacity, you may buy a new pass to extend your stay at the current purchase price on the day of your visit. Any promotional price will not apply to the extension-of-stay pass bought on that day.

You can make use of our dining area at KIDZ#1 to enjoy our Cafe offerings. However, we are not able to guarantee a sitting space for everyone just to store your belongings at a table. For this reason, we encourage you to make use of our lockers to store your belongings and roam free with your child. You’ll be able to get a key at reception for just £1. This purchase will entitle you to the use of a locker for the remainder of your visit and a maximum of 2 hours. We inspect the lockers every night before closure. We reserve the right to open and inspect a locker to ensure the health and safety of our premises if the key has not been returned at the end of the session. The recovered belongings will be kept for a maximum of 30 days and then disposed of. 

Customers are reminded not to bring food or drink onto our premises. No food, drink or chewing gum may be consumed in the play areas. Anyone found violating these rules will be asked to leave the premises immediately with no compensation or refund. We remind you that this is a condition of your visit. External baby food is not permitted inside the premises, water is not permitted, tap water will be provided depending on availability by the cafe.

Cancellation by us 

If for any reason we are unable to provide the services at the session you have booked, you can either choose to attend another session or you can cancel, and we will cancel your pass entitling you to a full refund or in-location credit for the future use within 365 days. Should this period pass without you taking advantage of it, the full credit will be lost.

Cancellation by you 

All bookings are non-refundable unless in circumstances described above. If you cannot attend a pre-booked session you may rebook your booking by contacting us via up to 3 pm on the day before your booking is due to take place. Cancellations made after this time can not be rebooked and no refund will be issued.

The provisions of Part 3 of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (concerning your right to cancel) do not apply to the contract between us, on the basis that the contract falls within the exemption set out in section 28(1)(h) of those Regulations (services related to leisure activities where the contract provides for a specific date of performance).


Passes, Classes and Memberships are subject to availability and are non-refundable. We are under no obligation to refund you or exchange your pass(es) in the event that you make any error when purchasing your pass(es) or any other services through our website (including but not limited to selecting the wrong age group or a number of passes), if you are excluded from attending for any breach of our Terms and Conditions, or if your pass (es) is (are) lost, stolen or damaged. However, we may, entirely at our discretion, refund you or exchange your pass(es) in any of the situations mentioned above or where there has been any customer service issue that, we consider, warrants a full or partial refund or another offer of goodwill from us. Refunds will be made to the same payment card used to make the booking or may be provided to you as an in-venue credit. Please note that redeemed voucher codes cannot be re-used if the passes they were used to purchase are refunded or exchanged. 

Refusal of entry 

It is our right to refuse entry to sessions if we believe that your child is showing any signs of illness if you are attending a session without a child or we believe you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and/ or if you have not paid in advance for your booking. If the venue is full.

KIDZ#1 reserve the right to deny admission, or to require a person already admitted to leave KIDZ#1, without refund or compensation, for failure to comply with any of our venue rules, for unsafe, illegal or offensive behaviour, to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances so require at our absolute discretion.

Allergens, Intolerances and Ingredients

We are unable to accommodate specific dietary requests or changes to our standard menu. Information on our food concerning the 14 ingredients regarded as allergens by the Food Standards Agency is available upon request. Please ask a member of our team who can provide allergen information for both the prepacked and non-prepacked food and drink we have available. We use many ingredients and shared equipment in our kitchens every day. Whilst we comply with the current legislation and regulations to exclude any cross-contamination we can not guarantee that accidents will not happen and, therefore, ask you to cooperate with us to ensure your own safety but taking all the preventive measures during your stay. our food meets allergen-free levels, given the facilities that we have available. 

Lost and forgotten items, items left in the locker(s)

We inspect the lockers every night before closure. We reserve the right to open and inspect a locked locker to ensure the health and safety of our premises. The recovered belongings will be kept for a maximum of 30 days and then disposed of.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

From time to time we may update our terms and conditions and you will be informed via email.

You may wish not to accept these changes by notifying us in writing of within 14 days of your receipt you can notify us at Otherwise, we will treat our agreement with you as being subject to the updated version.